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The Eagle has landed

PEP was committed to the trunk of ejabberd. Probably the checking I was most anxious to see.

Facebook beacon

This last week, as I read through several posts about the Facebook Beacon, the only one word crossed my mind: lemmings. And I was thinking on the people who own the sites that use the Facebook beacon, because in the end, they are giving their userbase for free to Facebook. I think I'll just sudo sh -c 'echo >> /etc/hosts'. Update: a post by the Facebook CEO.

SRV records and ADSL routers

The last 2 ADSL routers I bought (the most recent 3 months ago) lack support of SRV DNS records. When I get my IP address via DHCP, the router also sets itself as my DNS server. But if I use it, dig srv gives me zero answers. This, as you might imagine, sucks big time. This is a D-Link router bought in 2007, and basic SRV lookups are still missing in action.

This is good news. Qmail distribution page is already updated. Pity it took so long. 8 or 9 years ago, a public domain version of Qmail would rock. Now, not so much. But even so, it will make things like qmail-ldap project easier to use.

Not work safe

A football match with the players using binoculars. Not work safe because you'll make a fool of yourself laughing out loud. I know I did.


Carmack is (still) god. At least one of them. (via apostle pfig). Update: a more accurate version of the source of the code. Update 2: the real author stands up.

Amazon Kindle

I find it amusing that a search for Kindle in Amazon UK doesn't return any relevant results. So much PR, so little return. Anyway, I'm carbon-oriented when we are talking about books. I prefer the paper-kind, not the electronic version. I subscribed O'Reilly Safari bookshelf for a while, but I stopped using them because of that. Granted, the experience with Kindle could be better than a browser and a computer screen, the display is much better than the usual 72dpi of a LCD.

File uploads

I like the new web-based upload tool that Flickr is using. I like it so much that I no longer use the Flickr iPhoto plugin. Update: there is a open-source project that matches most if not all the features of the Flickr uploaded: SWFUpload 2007. One thing I could never understand is why don't browsers have a upload list with a progress bar? I mean, they have all the information they need to do it.