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hunk-based commit with git-gui

I've being using git as a front-end to Subversion using git-svn (more on this later).

A cool feature that you just get for free is hunk-based commit. For those who haven't using Darcs, hunk-based commit allows you to select which parts of the diff you want to include. It allows for a much cleaner commit history.

With git, I've started using git-gui to create my commits. It's really useful. Inside, you can select a modified file, and then right-click the hunk you want to stage. Then, when you are happy with the staging area, type in the message, and commit.

I usually leave git-gui open, in the background, and have a Quicksilver shortcut to bring it to the front.

This setup works very well for me, and it almost makes me forget how much I miss Darcs.

(more info about git and hunk-based commit in this thread)