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While my Macbook is in the shop, I "borrowed" my sisters Mac Mini G4. Oh, G4, how much I loathe you... Let me count the ways: cd ~/src/some_software && time make Update: for future reference - starting a Catalyst app I'm working on, it takes 17 seconds. Previous Macbook Pro: 2.


With three quick releases, Fluid has been getting a lot of attention. Given that it is Leopard only, I haven't tried it yet, but looking at the feature list, it doesn't seem to offer much more than Prism, Mozilla Labs version of the same concept (on which Fluid was inspired). The best update so far was 0.3 adding auto-updates via Sparkle. My take on Prism and Fluid, is that they don't go far enough.


So I need to decide what to do with my broken 17" laptop. I'll try and see how much would it cost to fix this, but replacing a LCD is always the most expensive operation. If I have to buy something new, I'll probably won't buy a Macbook Pro again. I spend a lot of time in the office now a days, so I can work on the road with a smaller laptop.


Ok, time to panic. My laptop LCD is going bonkers. A ruined laptop is something I do not need now. Update: yep, I'm severely fsck'ed. The lower half of the LCD on my 17" Macbook Pro is berserk. Running with external LCD for now, while I decide what to do. Happy Christmas to me. Update 2: Left the laptop at the most recommended Authorized Apple support shop. Hope to hear from them today.


Talk about targeted advertising... (via Worse than Failure)

Three letter salute

In RFC: Dropping namespaces: I still have not heard any good reason why namespaces in the current implementation are actually useful - or what particular case they solve... so I am wondering, are they really useful? I come now to the conclusion that they are not, and for myself (and most likely my work projects) I would have to decide not to go with namespaces, but instead stick with the 3 letter prefixing.


So it seems that a lot of usual friends are going away for a while. I'm mostly concerned with BSG season 4. I mean, its the last season, it would suck big time if it didn't get back to production.

I don't need no stinking branches

A friend of mine was teasing me last week about my recent posts about Git, and wondered why am I using distributed Source Code Management (SCM) system for all my projects, even those where I'm the sole developer. He is not the first and I tend to have the same conversation with all of the ones who ask me about it. Usually I start by telling them about offline-mode and the fact that I spend a lot of time off-the-net, which ends up being the least important reason.

Learning Git

I'll be talking a lot about Git in the coming weeks. I'll update this post with the best references I can find about understanding, using, and maintaining Git and Git repos. Understanding Git Git for computer scientists: by far, the best Git internals explanation I could find. Definitively start here;The index and what is it: the index is something that most other systems don't have, so you need to understand it.

Google Charts

The new Google Charts API is very very nice. I still prefer Open Flash Chart for back-office use, but for front-end sites, this might be much better, given that it works everywhere. One thing to take notice: there is a daily limit of charts that you can ask directly from Google, so if you think you'll use more than those, use a reverse-proxy with cache (like Varnish or Squid) or even have your code call Google API and cache the image locally.