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Ok, time to panic.

My laptop LCD is going bonkers.

A ruined laptop is something I do not need now.

Update: yep, I'm severely fsck'ed. The lower half of the LCD on my 17" Macbook Pro is berserk. Running with external LCD for now, while I decide what to do. Happy Christmas to me.

Update 2: Left the laptop at the most recommended Authorized Apple support shop. Hope to hear from them today. It appears that its just a loose cable, because if you wiggle the LCD, the screen shows up perfectly. However, a loose cable is not something that you easily swap apparently.

Update 3: Out of warranty, I'm afraid. Apple gives you 1 year (no AppleCare in Portugal), Portuguese laws give you 2 years if you bought your computer as an individual but mine was bought by my company, and in that case, you only get 6 months.

I'm waiting for a call to know how much does it cost to buy a new LCD for the 17". I'm don't expect a good deal, so I think I'll be counting the days until MacWorld 2008.

In the meantime, I'm using a Mac mini G4 (oh the pain...) and a friend is going to lend me a Mac mini Intel.

I guess its time to try Mac OS X Server running on the Macbook Pro.

Update 4: over €800 for the new LCD. I'll wait until MacWorld 2008 to decide the next step then.