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DTrace'ed perl

Cool. Bleadperl runs without delays with dtrace enabled. I wonder if this will make it to 5.10.1, hope so.

Yahoo + Flickr + OpenID?

This can be found on any page: <link rel="openid2.provider" href="" /> You cannot use that login as an OpenID yet, but it should live soon, apparently. Another win for OpenID. Update: more comments from Simon Wilson.

Regarding reverse proxys

Right now I use both Perlbal and Lighttpd as reverse proxy. Lighttpd does a lot more than reverse proxy, and I also use it as a web-server for static content and mod_secdownload for certain content. But the current stable 1.4.x version is not that good reverse proxy. For example, it does not keep persistent connections to back-end servers, and sometimes he thinks all my application servers are dead when they are in perfect health.

Easy staging server setup

Before a new release of a web site, I like to give it a whirl using the production environment, including servers and database. To make the experience of the staging server as close as possible to the production server, I want to use the same hardware and server name for both. At first I used different IPs, aliased to the same server, one for production and another for staging, and I used my local /etc/hosts file to switch between the two environments.

SOAP dudes need our help

Paul Downey: If you know someone still slipping around on the SOAP, don’t hate them, just warn them the longer they continue the sillier they look. They deserve your sympathy, not hate. Just give them lots of hugs! in "End of an Era".

Browser-based living

So, without a Mac at home (I only have a borrowed Mac mini now, until I decide what to do with my broken Macbook Pro), I only have a Windows Laptop with a browser. This means that all the tasks I took for granted, can only be performed now if I have a browser interface to them. My mail does not, although I almost have Outlook configured to use my IMAP account.

Chicken Pox

My oldest kid has chicken pox. It started showing up last friday. For bonus points, and given that I never had it, I also started getting the symptoms saturday night and by sunday, it became official. I'm also laptop-less, so my only Mac is at the office. This all means is that I'll be reading a lot of books in the next 5 to 6 days, and that my mail reading will be mostly non-existing.


The best Apple TV plugin, Sapphire, is now open source. Very cool.

£ 1,950,000

That's how much Amazon payed for the copy of the The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling. The proceeds will be donted to The Children's Voice campaign. The book is beautiful. Scroll down and see all the pictures.

Compiling git on Mac OS X

I had to install git on my temporary G4, and I didn't kept proper notes before, so for future reference, here is my way of compiling git. This was tested on 10.4.11. I haven't upgraded to 10.5.x yet, maybe when 10.5.2 comes out. I don't use MacPorts or fink, I don't like them. Its a personal thing, and if you do like them, you might as well use them instead.