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Browser-based living

So, without a Mac at home (I only have a borrowed Mac mini now, until I decide what to do with my broken Macbook Pro), I only have a Windows Laptop with a browser.

This means that all the tasks I took for granted, can only be performed now if I have a browser interface to them.

My mail does not, although I almost have Outlook configured to use my IMAP account. My RSS feeds are also out, never used the NetNewsWire synchronization to Newsgator, but I'm now back to writing a bit using Movable Type web interface.

Living in a browser really sucks, compared to all my desktop tools. Really. I don't understand how people prefer Web-based apps to real desktop ones. Granted, the synchronization problem is non-existing if you only use Web apps, but still, it feels a lousy trade-off.

Now back to bed and my next book.