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Small and light

The new Macbook Air is really small and light. The pictures are very impressive. Anyway, not my kind of laptop. I could live with the soldered-to-the-logic board memory, but the non-replacable battery is not a good trade-off. The Apple TV upgrades are much more important to me, mainly because they are all available on the current hardware. But until we get proper content in Europe, it's still sort of a half-product.

PHP bashing and PHP prase

For my PHP friends out there: the bad: inconsistent floating point formatting;the good: The Simplicity Application Framework (via Ajaxian).Even if you are not a PHP user (left that wagon around PHP4), the setup wizard bundled with the Simplicity framework is very cool, an extjs-based application to create the application, including designing your database schema.

Amazing article by Mark Dominus, explaining the code of a simple but very useful class

Network Mafia

In a stunning move, Network Solutions renamed it self as Network Mafia. I wonder if they also do this if I query the whois database from another registrar website.

Yesterday, Amit Singh announced a new version of MacFUSE at the Google Mac blog. The major new feature is the MacFUSE.framework, and today, I already found a strange filesystem built with it: the Objective-C runtime FS. Objective-C has a very cool runtime, that allows you to dynamically discover available classes, methods and other information. So now you can cd NSString if thats your kind of thing. I wonder how long is going to take to implement execution of specific methods directly from the shell.

NetNewsWire 3.1 is out and its free

Wow... The latest version of NetNewsWire, 3.1, is out. And its now a free download. I'm was a paying customer and I can only say, congratulations to Brent and Newsgator for this bold move. I expect that they plan on charging you for the Newsgator Online service, which I don't use, but its a cool move. Update: It turns out that the online version and the sync services are also free.

DTrace'ed perl

Cool. Bleadperl runs without delays with dtrace enabled. I wonder if this will make it to 5.10.1, hope so.

Yahoo + Flickr + OpenID?

This can be found on any page: <link rel="openid2.provider" href="" /> You cannot use that login as an OpenID yet, but it should live soon, apparently. Another win for OpenID. Update: more comments from Simon Wilson.

Regarding reverse proxys

Right now I use both Perlbal and Lighttpd as reverse proxy. Lighttpd does a lot more than reverse proxy, and I also use it as a web-server for static content and mod_secdownload for certain content. But the current stable 1.4.x version is not that good reverse proxy. For example, it does not keep persistent connections to back-end servers, and sometimes he thinks all my application servers are dead when they are in perfect health.

Easy staging server setup

Before a new release of a web site, I like to give it a whirl using the production environment, including servers and database. To make the experience of the staging server as close as possible to the production server, I want to use the same hardware and server name for both. At first I used different IPs, aliased to the same server, one for production and another for staging, and I used my local /etc/hosts file to switch between the two environments.