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Small and light

The new Macbook Air is really small and light. The pictures are very impressive.

Anyway, not my kind of laptop. I could live with the soldered-to-the-logic board memory, but the non-replacable battery is not a good trade-off.

The Apple TV upgrades are much more important to me, mainly because they are all available on the current hardware. But until we get proper content in Europe, it's still sort of a half-product. And if you look through the specs and check that Apple does not provide, or easily allow the installation of the Perian codecs with it, at a time that all the consoles are supporting DivX, well, it just gets sadder. All this means that I will not upgrade my Apple TV until its properly hacked.

For those who want to watch the Keynote on your Apple TV, and don't want to wait for the update to the "official" Macworld Keynote Podcast on iTMS, you can download the mp4 file.