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ecto just got better

I’ve been using ecto most of my very short blogging activity. It’s easy to use, supports Markdown preview, and does what I want to do easily. And it just got better: the latest release adds automator support to ecto (also check latest developer build with more updates). You should also install his get selected text from Safari automator script. I’ve been collecting Automator stuff do try when I upgrade to Tiger and I’m now certain that Automator will be my most useful feature.

I’m sure of it! Just yesterday, I was talking with Celso about good UML tools to use with our Macs. And just now, Rui writes about two of them: CanonSketch and TaskSketch. And they are written by two portuguese persons from Univ. of Madeira. Very cool! I confess that my knowledge of UML is close to zero. I know what it is, in a general way, but I don’t know how to use UML in real life.

Time to go

The day was ok, lot’s of XMPP stuff, solved a couple of problems, created a few, learn some more. I found out that, apart from Exodus (a Windows Jabber client), I could not find anything else with decent support for MUC. TKJabber might be be an option, but couldn’t get it to work yet. So I need a quick MUC-admin-client. I’ll write one tonight it seems. But now it’s time to go.

P2P? Think NNTP...

Celso wrote about using P2P technology to distribute content, in the context of blogging. There are two types of content that you might want to distribute: the syndication feeds, and the HTML pages. The syndication feeds is a hot topic right now, specially in the Feedmesh group. Feedmesh already has notification distribution and it seems to be working great. In the two previous weeks there where some messages about full content distribution of feeds in the Feedmesh mailing list.

Settle for warm

This one make me laugh my head off at work.


Well, my current boss started blogging. Welcome! I noticed due to my Technorati watchlist. His second post is very worthwhile rant about iChat and XMPP support. I’ll have to read it more carefully later.

Amen brother!

Gradual Ephiphany » Frustration: > Protocol designers have a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. They must design > protocols that are easy to implement and understand, if at all possible. Furthermore, protocols > must reflect the realities of the societies in which they are deployed. Right on! KISS should be written in all the monitors of people who design protocols.

The Apple way

It seems that Apple is fine with changing old ideas about the “right” way to do things. See one example: the new launchd. I don’t think they are innovating that much (the article itself talks about Solaris 10 solution to the problem), but I find it refreshing that they are not bound to UNIX tradition and don’t mind rethinking about old problems. That is what I like about them.

Forked files and Tiger Server

AFP548 - Tiger Server Overview: > Another welcome feature is a new API that lets traditional UNIX tools such a cp, mv, tar, and > rsync work with forked files. This should open up a much easier world of scripting > for Mac OS X. This is way cool! At last! Can anyone confirm that rsync that comes with Tiger Client is already using this API? Update: More information from Michael Tsai - Blog - Random Tiger Notes: > A Mac-savvy rsync was, for me, one of the most anticipated features of Tiger.