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Quick startup to Apache bliss

So you need a Apache setup with PHP or mod_perl, and you need it fast. Head on over to ApacheFriends website, and download XAMPP. It’s a pre-compiled version of Apache with all the best and most useful modules already compiled and configured. They have four distributions: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and Solaris. All the versions are stable except the Mac OS X. They are still ironing out the last details on that one.

Got my ticket to Reboot7

Got my ticket to Reboot7 today. I’m going with André and Pedro next week. I’m assuming that we’ll have some network connectivity, so you can expect some notes about each conference I attend.

Iconize me!

After waiting almost 5 months for my order, I finally received my Iconize me! order this week. It was worth the wait! You can see the result on my blog homepage, also on each archive page. I choose the premium package, and I got a small .GIF useful to be used in webpages, a monstrous JPEG (2000x3000 something 300DPI), and a PDF version, vector version of it. Sweet!

New backpack

After carrying the same backpack for 3 or 4 years now, I was given a new one yesterday, as a birthday present. Anyway, I decided to switch to the new one today, I can use the new one, it has more pockets. And I have a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff. Those that know me personally know what I’m talking about. I carry with me around 10Kg of stuff always.

CPU usage of Skype

My Skype is idle right now, sitting there on the second monitor. But top tells me that Skype is using 10% of my CPU. 10%!?!?!? WTF? It’s just sitting there! Doing a ktrace on the process, gives: 484 Skype CALL getrusage(0,0xf03b6c20) 484 Skype RET getrusage 0 484 Skype CALL getrusage(0xffffffff,0xf03b6c20) 484 Skype RET getrusage 0 484 Skype CALL getrusage(0,0xf03b6c00) 484 Skype RET getrusage 0 484 Skype CALL getrusage(0xffffffff,0xf03b6c00) 484 Skype RET getrusage 0 484 Skype CALL getrusage(0,0xf03b6ca0) 484 Skype RET getrusage 0 484 Skype CALL getrusage(0xffffffff,0xf03b6ca0) 484 Skype RET getrusage 0 484 Skype CALL getrusage(0,0xf03b6bb0) 484 Skype RET getrusage 0 484 Skype CALL getrusage(0xffffffff,0xf03b6bb0) 484 Skype RET getrusage 0 484 Skype CALL select(0x1b,0xf03b6ad0,0xf03b6b50,0xf03b6bd0,0xf03b6c50) 484 Skype CALL getrusage(0,0xf01b2c00) 484 Skype RET getrusage 0 484 Skype CALL getrusage(0xffffffff,0xf01b2c00) 484 Skype RET getrusage 0 Pages and pages of this…

Perl6 example

Perl6 JAPH: say ~); Something tells me that learning Perl6 is going to be an adventure. And totally different from my perl4 to perl5 conversion. Either that, or I’ll be sticking with perl5/ponie for a looong time.

I was using version and decided to upgrade to the latest (and skip the beta .30). After restarting Skype, I got a famous “password corrupted, inform skype” message. Anyway, my fix was going into Keychain Access, and deleting both Skype and Skype.credentials entries.

Grease you monkey

Greasemonkey is one of the most powerful features of Firefox. It allows you to attach small javascript files to existing Websites to change them in ways that make them more useful to the user. I’ve used them in special ocasions but Firefox is not my main browser (that task goes to Safari), so I’m not a regular user. If you want to see a nice example (with screencast) of a Greasemonkey script, look no further than this.

Just for experimental value

So my new cable modem backup service is a per-usage plan. When I connect my computer, I have to go to a specific web site and authenticate. Then I’m able to connect to everywhere. The thing is, before authentication, I can ping anywhere on the internet. hmms… Ping Tunnel: sending TCP traffic over ICMP I think I’m going to set this up, for experimental purposes of course. Update: OK, I couldn’t wait to get home.