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We own you

Jeremy was giving us a heads up about 2006 being the year of the privacy problems for search engines. And a couple of posts down, we see that the latest Google Desktop makes it very easy to send your documents (Word, PDF, you know, your personal documents) to the Google server for indexing... It's a beautiful technical achievement and perfectly possible with their technology, but the privacy implications are huge, as you can imagine.

Kudos to the Safari team

It's nice to see the efforts of the team of non-Apple WebKit developers rewarded. As a thank you, we are giving MacBook Pro computers to twelve of our top contributors. We’ve also invited five of them to attend Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2006 “on Apple’s dime”. Kudos to the all team! Technorati Tags: apple, webkit, safari


The TV here in Portugal is now showing a classic, Steven Seagal Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. A good movie.... Not. Well, at least Seagal has a Newton :). Technorati Tags: apple, newton

iTunes Estimator

I like Dashboard widgets. I like the looks, I like some of them for their functionality, but mostly I like them because the poetic way they burn my CPU. Anyway, If I had access to the US iTunes Music Store, I would be running this one, iTunes Estimator. Heck, I'll fess up: I'm running it anyway to see how accurate will he be. Thanks go to the TUAW guys for this waste of my CPU.

Google Cookie authentication

I found this article interesting, at least for the technical details: The Mysteries of X-GOOGLE-TOKEN and why it matters. On a related note, if you needed a simple single sign on system to deploy in a controlled environment, that could be used with PHP and Perl sites, and with Apache+mod_(perl|php) or lighttpd+fastcgi.... Probably no such beast. I'll see if OpenID covers what I need. Yes, it's not a SSO system, but maybe it's a good base to build on.

Is it just me or rsync is crazy?

Is it just me or rsync include/exclude patters are crazy?? I want a simple thing: specify in the server rsyncd.conf file that we only want to export 3 directories from a specific path. After battling for 1 hour with this, I settled on this configuration file. use chroot = yes read only = yes uid = nobody gid = nobody [files] path = /my/files/ comment = my important files filter = + /dir1 + dir1/** + /dir2 + dir2/** + /dir3 + dir3/** - * Notice the pattern?

This was a question I was wondering for quite some time. All the things I read about this pointed to a positive answer: I have a Xeon CPU and all Xeon CPUs since second quarter 2004 support EM64T. But I wanted something more reliable, like a cat /proc/cpuinfo flag. And I finally found a post that gave my some hints about detecting EMT64 from the cpuinfo flags. It describes the lm flag as "long mode", having the 64bit extensions, but it talks of those in AMD context.

Today I needed to generate a good password for a special site. I remember I saw a tool to do that and I could not remember where. After some searching, here is the deal: open System Preferences and select the Accounts preference pane;select your account from the list, and click Change Password button. Don't worry, you don't need to really change your password;Click the small key icon next to the New Password text field.

When gmail first appeared I subscribed as soon as I could get my hands on an invitation. I forward a lot of mail to try it out. Some months later, I saw that I could use gmail as an archiver for certain things, those mails you don't know if you really want to keep, but the problem was that now my gmail account was full of garbage. I wanted to purge all mail from my account to start from scratch but there seems to be no way to do it easily.


I hate being sick. Waste of resources. But I was able to get a good laugh in the morning with this: Look, I'm not interested in all of the 'moral reasons' for not doing this, ok? This is an intranet - I want proprietary code here, I don't care about the W3C and any of that other hippie crap. in a thread about opening links in a new tab.