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During the past year there was a discussion about the Android platform fragmentation. Before someone complains, I'll defined "Android fragmentation" as the problems developers have to deal with because of the multiple Android devices, when said devices have different capabilities, specially with regard to the display resolution. On one side we had Google explaining that the word "fragmentation" is meaningless, and on the other we had some app developers (and some Apple fanboys, but I tend to ignore them) explaining what the problem is for them, specially developers porting apps from iOS.

Open vs Choice

The Chrome project announced that they will be dropping support for H264. Given Google prior statements about open video codecs, its not unexpected. I also doesn't affect me given that I don't use Chrome (although it might affect a lot of sites that now have to consider if they want to encode with WebM and keep the two versions, or just redirect people to Flash video versions with the single H264 source), but it makes me wonder about the browser interaction with the operating system he runs on.

Chegar a casa

This post is mostly for my Portuguese readership, although I'll try and make a rough translation later. I got this from one of those lenghty "please forward" email chains, but this one resonated with my own views about parenting. I don't know the original source for the text. If you do, please leave a comment so that I can credit it properly. Update: source, Boletim de Julho de 2009, da Acreditar.

Business models

A lot of companies have business models different from our expectations. Some big examples are Gillete, in the business of selling razor blades; HP, in the business of selling ink and toner cartridges; Or even McDonalds, which lives of the rents it collects from his tenants, the restaurant franchisors. I'm a very happy user of the Dropbox service, but I don't get their business model. Their core technology is the sync engine, the best I ever used, not because of its speed, but because of the transparency and simplicity of the entire process: you drop your files in that folder, and all your devices will get it.

In a couple of hours we will get the chance to see what the iPhone OS 4.0 looks like. In the past few weeks the hot topic seems to be multi-tasking, or to be more precise, the ability to have several third-party apps running at the same time. I do have an opinion on this but you should note that I don't own any iPhone OS-using devices. No iPhone, no iPod Touch, and still no iPad.

! Dead

For the last few months I've been buried at work. The E5 project is going great but there is so much to do that I haven't had the chance to write here, something that I miss. But the craziness is winding down and I expect to be back in a couple of weeks.


I bought a new batery for my laptop in October 2008. A couple of days ago, I started getting abrupt shutdowns, even before the low-battery warning pops up. And it doesn't enter sleep mode. It just goes puf, and powers off. Searching around for similar reports, it seems that my battery is kaput. Either a cell is damaged, or the battery is starting to swell. I'm guessing its the first one, since I don't notice any swelling.

Buzz off

The lack of trust that Google as gained in the last year is impressive. Gone are the days that you could actually believe the "Don't be evil" corporate motto. The reality came crushing down, and Buzz is only one of the last proofs that "Don't be evil" is much different proposition than "Do good". I'm fortunate enough not to use a lot of Google services, but still the amount of information they have on me is scary.

Oh when the Saints...

... go marching in. Congrats to all the Saints fans, excellent second half, with a awesome starting play. Drew Brees MVP. Pity about not breaking the pass record. Tied with Brady at 32.

Apple vs Flash

Update: Firefox also has multiple file upload since 3.6, fixed. As expected , the iPad will not support Flash, and this brought back all the discussion that went on when the iPhone appeared. I find it interesting that Gina Trapattani is seeing a reduction on Flash-enabled browsers (and thats not counting iPhones, just regular browsers) on her sites. Also Gruber (but he is counting iPhone's) and Alex Bayo. As a end-user I would not mind see Flash burn in hell.