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When I was younger, at college, I decided that I was to enjoy and do all the wrong but good things in life, without great care about stuff like me weight. Everybody healthy has a lot of time ahead of him, so you can postpone all the "eat right", and "exercise regularly" advise people throughs at you.

My answer was always "I'll do that when I turn 40".

Well, I turned 40 today.

I suppose now I should do all that, but last December I noticed that I had put a lot of extra weight. I was always a 72/75kg person, but since my surgery I had gained an extra 10kg, and was dancing around the 82kg mark.

Lets just say I was not happy... So, given that my deadline was coming up, I decided to start early. January 1st I had 82 and I wanted to reach 40 at 70kg.

I started eating better (no fast food, no soft drinks, less bread, more soup and fruit) and more often (4 snacks, two in the morning, two in the afternoon). I made my membership at the gym something more than a cost, and started going 3 times a week for a mix of cardio and weight training. And, and this is probably the best thing I ever did, I started running.

I used one of those 5K programs, that promise you to be running 5km in 9 weeks. At first I did that at the gym. If I had problems at least I was not alone in the street. Then on March 7, I did my first 5km run outside and became addicted to RunKeeper. You can follow my improvements on my profile page, but right now I'm running 10k in 1:10:00/1:15:00 3 to 4 times a week.

And I feel great.

The result of all this can be seen here, courtesy of my Withings body scale:

I didn't hit 70kg, I'm exactly at 71kg today. I blame a couple of weeks in late April where I was stuck in the 72kg mark because I tripped and hurt a knee, and couldn't run, but I'm on the right path and I'm sure before the month is over I'll be clearly in the 70's.

So, after loosing 11kg (going on 12) how do I feel? Great. I have more energy and stamina and that shows where its most important: with my two kids (third on the way by the way, expect delivery late December).

Hitting 40 is sort of a mark on everybody's life. I can honestly say that I don't feel different than yesterday, but I'm also certain that I'm much better physically than I've been for a long long time.

So, have a great day. I know I will.