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My take: what Rui said.

My analysis: I like the price, the battery life and the screen size. I would like to have a webcam for Skype, but that wasn't meant to be. Maybe next time.

I'll buy one, probably the 32G WiFi-only. It will replace my 17" Macbook for the non-work-related tasks that it does now.

I keep my iTunes, iPhoto, and other media stuff on my desktop Mac at work, and I travel around with the Macbook. Its a pain to keep these media libraries synchronized with the laptop, but its painless to do it with the iPad.

For most of my travel, I should be able to just leave the Macbook at home now.

For work related tasks, if I can get a Remote Desktop client on it, I should be able to connect back to the desktop at the office, via my IPSec VPN, and solve small problems.