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Muito obrigado

I'm not American so officially I don't get a Thanksgiving holiday. Still, we are reaching the end of 2009 and looking back I think we do have a lot of things to be grateful for.

Giving thanks, like Christmas, doesn't need a special day, and for us perl hackers our favorite team, the perl-porters, giving thanks couldn't be easier.

So lets all, no matter where you are, run the perlthanks command line today, and celebrate our new schedule for Perl5 releases and happy days and long lives to our pumpkins.

On a more individual note, I can't forget three little big persons: cog, ambs and Magda. YAPC::EU raised the bar on so many levels.

But we don't live without CPAN, and so we acknowledge the PAUSE and CPAN teams, and all individuals that keep the mirror network up and running.

Finally, to those teams that make my day-to-day simpler and fun: the Moose cabal and the Plack gang (with a note of envy for miyagawa productivity...).

To all, a very big Muito Obrigado.