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Java 1.6 on Leopard

I did the research on this a month ago and I forgot to write it down, so I just spent another hour doing it again. I should know better by now.

Anyway, you can download the Java 1.6 update for Mac OS X Leopard from the Apple Software site, but its only 64-bit.

I do have a desktop that is 64-biT, unfortunately my Macbook Pro laptop is only a 32-bit Core Duo. Hence, I cannot run the new version of Java.

If you do have a 64-bit CPU, and after you install the update, you might want to switch the default version of Java to 1.6. To do that, the proper way to do that is to run the /Applications/Utilities/Java\ and drag the 1.6 version to the top of the list.

I just wanted to try out Jake... Guess I wont be able to, at least not until I can get my hands on the wife's laptop... hmms... she's sleeping already...