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AnyEvent::Mojo 0.8

I've uploaded to PAUSE release 0.8 of AnyEvent::Mojo. It should be on your local CPAN mirror in a little while.

This was a long time coming unfortunately, and I accumulated FAIL test reports on CPANTS, but its here now.

Given that it uses the latest Mojo release, it supports HTTP keep-alive and pipelining, chunked-encoding and 100-Continue requests.

Although the test suite passes, I'm not fully confident on the pipelining code. My next step is to write a client with a slow network reader to exercise some corner cases of that part of the code. In particular, I'm concerned about the interaction of Mojo pipeline code with my request pause functionality that I use to implement long-polling servers.

It could be argued that long-polling and pipeline don't mix, but I think that the pause functionality could also be used on regular requests. For example, if one request needs an answer from a memcached server, the handler can start the memcached GET, pause the Mojo transaction, and resume it when the memcached response arrives. While that is going on, the server should be able to keep writing out previous requests, and reading the next ones.

Maybe thats a bit extreme, but I do hope to have this working, for complex pipelining situations.