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bash completion for Github gem

For some time now, I had the Github gem installed (if you want to know more, I suggest a old blog post about the Github gem). This gives you a small gh script that interface to Github APIs and make common operations like creating repositories, cloning, and fetching other repositories in the project network easy and fast.

But I'm a lazy bastard, and the lack of a bash completion script was getting on my nerves.

So here: you can get the new gh-completion.bash script from my repository. I've sent a pull request to Chris Wanstrath (defunkt)

Please note that this is still work-in-progress.

Right now, most of the command and options have completion, but I'm still trying to understand certain operations (like pull-request and track) that I never use. I don't really understand what they do, so I have no way to create a decent completion rule for them.

But using this bash completion is totally safe... Until you hit the ENTER key, that is.