Building notes, projects, and occasional rants


For the past week or so, I've kept myself without network access for the larger part of each day.

I check my email and RSS feeds early in the morning and late at night, just before bed, and keep my IM and IRC clients closed.

I needed to take a break, really. I found myself in the worst productivity slump ever, and something had to change.

I have lot of work piled up that I really want to get done:

  • update the AnyEvent::Mojo module to support the latest Mojo developments, most notably support for pipelining commands;
  • try out the Protocol::OpenID module that vti is writing: I promised him a AnyEvent::Mojo-based implementation;
  • finish the XMPP Radar application;
  • read through the new AnyEvent::XMPP branch that Robin has been working on: it looks significantly better and more developer-friendly than the current one;
  • play around with real-time peer-to-peer synchronization of JSON-based documents: mostly a prototype to wrap my head around the problems of adding real-time replication to Prophet.

Thats the top 4, and I'm not even including $work stuff. On that side of things, I'm considering switching parts of DBIx::Class-based that I have (and don't particularly like, and in need of some feature-upgrades) to KiokuDB. That's probably the top item.

So far, working offline is paying off. I'm clearly more productive and I'm slowly getting myself out of the hole. I wonder how long I'll keep myself sane this way...