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Swift dreams

One of my favorite XMPP clients is under a new^H^H^Hold management. Kevin is stepping down, and Justin is back to the driver seat. I've been lurking in the Delta mailing list, so I'm very excited with the developments there and the possibilities that they open up for Psi.

But Kevin is not out of the XMPP client world. He and Remko announced a new cross-platform client called Swift.

Not much is known for now about Swift but I expect a bit more news over the weekend.

While we wait, I'll leave here my wish list for my next client. I don't know if Swift is going in this direction or not, this is just me thinking out loud:

  • C/C++ minimal core: the core is responsible for XMPP connections and stanza parsing;
  • HTML-based UI: all windows are HTML-based. If they choose to use Qt, they would be WebKit views. The DOM of those views would be extended with XMPP-oriented objects;
  • JavaScript-based application: the IM logic is written with JavaScript, manipulating the XMPP DOM objects and the HTML-based UI;
  • Plugins: all features should be written as plugins. I should be able to drop a directory with HTML, CSS, images and JavaScript files and hook that into the XMPP dispatcher. It should be possible to hook using XPath expressions, so that I can build new protocols with ease.

We can dream, right?