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Codebits 2008 XMPP presentation

My "XMPP - Hands on" presentation at Codebits 2008 is online. You can find it at GitHub and download the tarball (the big Download button). Its in Portuguese so most of you can ignore the PDF and dig straight through to the code.

I didn't have on the laptop where I wrote it so I decided to try S5 to write my slides.

The HTML version is great, and with a bit of syntax highlighter even the XML examples look good.

But the PDF version is very basic. I searched around for a better CSS to print S5 slides, but could not find anything. Maybe CSS is just too limited for decent printing control.

I don't know if I'm going to use it again. The lack of a decent PDF output is a big minus. On the plus side, I really like having the full power of HTML/CSS/JS inside my presentations.

As for the code examples, I wrote two:

All examples are written in Perl using the Net::XMPP2 framework. I made a few fixes to some of the Net::XMPP2 modules, you can find them inside the repository to make running the bots easier. I'm going to send Robin Redeker (Net::XMPP2 author) those fixes, so they should appear in a future version.