Building notes, projects, and occasional rants


Some days ago I found out about the real-time FriendFeed API and yesterday I decided to try it.

I've setup all my feeds into my FriendFeed account and subscribed the usual suspects. Also, I used Fluid to create a SSB just for FriendFeed so it doesn't interfere with my main browser.

The rate of updates is still too large for my comfort zone, specially because of twitter updates. I need to look for a way to hide them for all my contacts. After that, it should be back under control.

My relation with the new social web is still undecided. There is a lot of very cool stuff out there, but mostly is a big black hole on my productivity, so I tend to be mostly offline.

Technically, it is an interesting topic. For example, the messaging core behind the the micro-blogging sites (at least the ones properly designed) is the kind of stuff that I really like to build.

Update: via comments, Marcos Marado saves the day. To hide Twitter updates, go to your FriendFeed homepage, hide one of your Twitter updates, and then a link "hide others like this" will show up and allow you to hide all Twitter updates. To show them again, scroll down to the end of the page, and a "Shown N hidden entries", and click "Un-hide".