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My favorite BitTorrent client is Bitflu.

It is a head-less client that runs on a server somewhere, and you can manage it using a HTTP or telnet interface. It also supports a auto-start directory where all the torrent files you drop in it will be picked up automatically.

What it doesn't have is a way to upload a torrent file programatically.

At least, not until today. Check out my torrent-upload branch of Bitflu. It provides a new HTTP-based API to upload a single torrent file.

To use it, do this:

lwp-request -c 'application/x-bittorrent' -m POST \  < my.torrent

The lwp-request command does not support authentication. I need to hack a Net::Bitflu module to make this easier.

The patch was sent to the author, but I don't know if it is something that he is interested on or not.