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Updated x-git-update-to-latest-version: now with man pages

I don't contribute with code to the git project, so the least I can do is use the master version daily.

As I explained previously, I have a automatic process to do that.

To keep my git up-to-date, I use my x-git-update-to-latest-version script.

This script updates my local clone of the git repo (localy at ~/work/track/git), and then configures, installs (at /usr/local/git-git describe) and updates the/usr/local/git` symlink.

This way, I can have /usr/local/git/bin in my PATH and I'm always using the latest version.

The latest version of this script also installs the man pages. You need to tweak your MANPATH to include the /usr/local/git/share/man directory.

For extra points, you can also run this script as a cronjob. Mine runs at 10:30 in the morning.

Update: Junio is on vacation so the master branch is not being updated. In the meantime you are encouraged to use the Shawn O. Pearce branch of git. I tweaked the x-git-update-to-latest-version to deal with the fact that Shawn's tree does not have tags.