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Pretty and useful

If you thrive to achieve a stress free life, and keep programming at the same time, I assume that you know how automated testing and test-driven development are an essential tool.

I've been using them for most (not all) of what I do in the last year or so. Basic stuff, using Test::More and friends, and more recently Test::Most and using the basic prove tool and Devel::Cover for extra peace of mind.

I was reading the latest edition of the Test Automation Tips and they mentioned Smolder and another Perl module. I knew Smolder already. It is one of those tools that I always keep on my list to install someday, but never get to do it because I expect it to be hard (without any reason to think that, mind you).

The other module is TAP::Formatter::HTML and it just blew my mind. Simple installation with cpan TAP::Formatter::HTML, a single tweak to my script and gorgeous looking HTML reports. I don't have them online but you can look at a sample report (be sure to click around).

Strongly recommended.