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Using Tarpipe via XMPP

Tarpipe is a wonderful service to execute a workflow of web services. You create your workflow visually, and then you send an email or POST to a API end-point to run it.

For example, this is the workflow I use to post to Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce:

Tarpipe Microblog Workflow

Usually I would send an email and my subject would be posted, but I also have an IM client always available.

So I wrote this XMPP-to-Tarpipe gateway. Its simple to use:

  • use Tarpipe to create an workflow: you must use the REST Decoder;
  • When you save the workflow, you'll be given a API token, a 32 char hex-string;
  • subscribe <the API token> You can subscribe from multiple JIDs.

That's it: you now have a new buddy on your roster. Any message sent to him (apart from help) will trigger the Tarpipe workflow.

Have fun.