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Behind the scenes of Tarpipe XMPP

Alex and Adam asked me to elaborate on the tools I used to implement the Tarpipe XMPP gateway.

I used the Net::XMPP2 Perl module, in particular the Net::XMPP2::Component class. It uses the AnyEvent async framework, which in turn support the EV library , giving you all the love of kernel polling.

Until the Net::XMPP2 author releases a new version, you should use my own copy if you plan on doing external component work (check the component-reply-with-from branch). Net::XMPP2 is widely used for bots, but not that many components, and some methods need some love to work properly in a component environment.

The HTTP part was done using the excellent AnyEvent::HTTP class. I'm using my own version, which includes a bug fix to the http_post function (on its way to release 1.03 of AnyEvent::HTTP) and adds support for HTTP::Request to http_request. I hope to see this included in the main AnyEvent::HTTP distribution but I still need to update the documentation.

The rest is just glue code.