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Will 10.5.3 win me over?

For the first time since 10.1.x, I didn't upgrade to the latest Mac OS X with the .1 release. Usually I wait for a .1 and "nuke and pave" my Mac, but this time, after almost 8 months after the 10.5.0 release, I'm still running 10.4, and reasonably happy with it.

Sure, there is software out there that I would like to try but requires 10.5, only its nothing that I totally depend on, so 10.4 is still perfectly usable for me.

But 10.5.3 should be here soon, and with almost 220 fixes, it might be the stable release that the more conservative of us were waiting for.

As usual, I'll wait a week or two after 10.5.3 to make the jump, but I think I will finally unwrap the Leopard DVD sitting on my desk.

Still waiting...