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My keyboard shortcuts

Inside the "Keyboard & Mouse" preference pane of Mac OS X, you'll find a tab named "Keyboard Shortcuts". This is one of my first stops after any nuke and pave setup of my Macs.

I don't have many shortcuts:

My Keyboard Shortcuts

The Take Rich Note and Append Rich Note integrate all applications with DevonThink. I select what I want to keep, and hit the proper sequence to save it in my default database.

The Quit Safari shortcut prevents me from closing Safari by accident. Its specially useful if you have a lot of tabs open. Recently Safari gained options, like the Reopen All Windows From Last Session, that make this less useful but I still use this.

The Select Next Tab and Select Previous Tab work around the fact that the default shortcuts in Safari for those options just don't work with some international keyboards (like my own, PT-layout).

The final shortcut is something new, that I'm trying out. It gives you a global shortcut to Zoom any window. Not sure if it's a keeper.