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Facebook gone XMPP?

Came across this just now: Using Facebook Chat via Jabber

Thats a lot of new victim^H^H^H^H^H^Husers to the XMPP network.

This, and the fact that my Google Alerts on XMPP is now showing about 10 hits per day (from less than 10 per week just 18 months ago), and I would say that XMPP is turning out to be one hot technology at the moment.

Update: given that the news came up via the official Facebook developers site, some people have IM'ed me asking why the question mark in the subject. Well, I'm waiting to see if they will open federation or not. Using XMPP is more than allowing Facebook users to use their favorite XMPP client to chat with the other Facebook users. Without open federation, this is just another private IM network and I think we have enough of those.

So the question mark is there until a answer is found for "Will Facebook enable open-federation over XMPP?"