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Plazes all over again

Remember when Plazes appears a couple of years ago? Quickly the got a lot of mac addresses geo-referenced.

Now you can go through all that work again, but this time to improve the service that Skyhook provides to his customers, like Apple with the "Locate me" button. Just fill this form and be happy.

Speaking of Plazes and mac addresses, now you can map you location using Plazes with a mac address or any other unique network identifier, like a bluetooth ID, or the mac address of an appliance or office server, or a GSM tower ID. Its all due to the love of the new site.

I wonder if Apple will add a "Improve my location" button to the Maps application. You could tell the service, "No, I'm actually here", the iPhone/iPod Touch would scan the near by mac addresses, GSM IDs and send them to Plazes and Skyhook.

This would be an interesting App to develop with the new SDK, if anyone is looking for an idea.