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Search in Project with Ack command for Textmate

One of the biggest problems I have with TextMate and large projects is "Find in Project":

  • it is a bit slow;
  • it searches everywhere, even files it shouldn't.

There is a nice alternative that uses grep by Henrik Nyh. But I'm a big ack fan, so I hacked Henrik command to use ack, and the result is Search in Project with ack-command for TextMate.

A future version might move to tm_dialog. Maybe I'll copy the GrepInProject++ as the basis for the next version.

Update: ok, this has been working better than expected. The difference in speed makes me use it without thinking about it. Also, it does not block TextMate. So for really huge projects, you can start it and keep working on your code.

Update 2: oops, a disk problem and the link went 404 on me. I've updated the code to the most recent version I'm using. The uuid of the command is changed so you might need to remove the old version before updating.