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git hosting sites

A couple of weeks back I started looking for Git hosting sites. My two picks where Gitorious and Github.

At the time, and in the weeks that followed, I was too busy to start comparing the sites. But this week I want to start pushing my code out to these sites to see how they work.

In terms of feature list, Github received a lot of love in the past weeks, as you can read from their new blog. But Gitorious is not standing still either. Both are working to provide an easier collaboration feature around git pull which is very cool.

Right now, based solely on the feature list, I think Github has a slight advantage. If I had to point one Github feature that stands out, I would have to pick a Web Hooks-powered Post-Receive hook.

update: arrgh, I'm a moron. I forgot to add my Github password to my Keychain, so I'm locked out of my account. There is no "recover password" functionality on Github yet (its on the Feature Requests page though) so I sent an email to their support account, and I'm hoping for the best.

update 2: Ok, access to Github restored, big thanks to Tom Werner. My profile page is at I have 5 invites now, so if you want one, send me an email or ping me via XMPP/Jabber. My address for both is melo @