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So IPv4 address space is running out.


There is a ARIN proposal to auction IPv4 space to the highest bidder. Although the proposal is not totally insane, I find it much more interesting to think about a future world, past the depletion of IPv4 address space.

fade in, a alley, with our character walking in the center, entering and exiting zones of light from old-style lamp posts.

suddenly a call from a darken door frame

(dealer) hey you, wanna buy a nice IPv4 address?
(hero) what?
(dealer) yeah, fresh stuff, right of the DHCP server. Long lease time, guarantee.
(hero) no thanks
(dealer) what's the matter, already had your fix today? Too much porntube already?
(hero) no, I just don't need it.
(dealer) oh, I see, rich mommy gave you a nice block of /48 IPv6 for christmas. You rich bastards are all the same.

My apologies to all of those who do screen play writing for a living.