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Three weeks ago I powered down my oldest Linux server.

It started is useful life as a NFS server for site, moved to MySQL server of, and now is going to rest a bit.

It went online March 1999. I pulled the plug in 27th, January 2008.

It still has the original CPUs (dual PIII, 450Mhz), the original memory (although half of it is from an upgraded after I moved it to MySQL server, for a total of 1Gb), and this is the real kicker, the same 4 data SCSI disks, connected to a DAC9660 RAID SCSI controller.

I don't remember the original Linux distro, but given that the servers where assembled by me and Celso, I guess he suckered me into installing Debian on the box. Lately it was running RedHat 7.2 (Enigma), with a 2.4.18-17 kernel.

They don't make them as they used to.