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I'm trying Hiveminder again.

My first attempt some months ago was not successful, and I must admit that although the new interface (specially the IM-based one) is very easy and fast to use, I still see the lack of offline-mode the biggest barrier to use this type of services.

Be sure to check pjf presentation Effective Procrastination with HiveMinder, its really good.

One thing that I was having problems just now was the command line interface. Apparently, it doesn't like characters with accents. I looked at the code and it seemed to deal with them fine, figuring out the encoding of the terminal and using binmode to set the encoding filter of STDOUT to the proper charset.

But still, I was getting this errors: "\x{00e3}" does not map to ascii at /Users/melo/bin/ line 276.

Part of the problem is that terminal encoding detection fails on Mac OS X terminal. The problem seems to be inside I18N::Langinfo, because he reports us-ascii, but thats a XS module, so it might take a while for me to figure it out.

In the meantime I added a encoding setting to the program, to force a specific encoding. Apply this short patch to, edit ~/.hiveminder and add a line encoding: utf-8 and all should be well.

I don't think this patch is worth pushing upstream right now. The correct fix is in I18N::Langinfo, but I needed to get some work done today.

Update: fixed big 404. Sorry bout that.