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Pretty please, with sugar on top?

I've been using ecto since I started writting this mis-mash of notes. It's good enough and doesn't get in the way. I know where everything is and I don't get lost.

With all the publicity about MarsEdit, I downloaded the latest version and tried it out.

Although its much more polished than Ecto2, I didn't find any compeling reasons to re-learn a new tool. I loved the Cmd-Shift-D to post (I use that with but that's about it.

The MarsEdit author has been writing about the upcoming WYSIWYG editor, but given that I write all my post in Markdown, I really don't care that much.

But there is a feature that would make me switch in a heartbeat.

After I write a article, I go through it and link certain phrases or words. But some words are usually linked to the same place. For example, Rui, Nuno and pfig, are always linked to,, and, respectively. The same treatment would be used for phrases like for example Daring Fireball, or I'm felling lucky.

So if the application learned about this associations and presented me with the option to link, it would save me a lot of time. One thing I would need is an option to link just the first occurrence of a word, but apart from that policy-thingie, it would be lovely.

I wonder if the ecto 3 plugin system allows for this kind of thing...