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Stallman on copyright

Richard Stallman wrote an article entitled "Freedom - or Copyright". Its an interesting read.

Two paragraphs stand out to me:

When computer networks provide an easy anonymous method for sending someone a small amount of money, without a credit card, it will be easy to set up a much better system to support the arts. When you view a work, there will be a button you can press saying “Click here to send the artist one dollar”. Wouldn't you press it, at least once a week?

This is fine and logical but what should the arts do until the computer networks offer such methods? Asking the people who stand most to loose to trust the users to do the right thing? Do we really believe it will happen?

To make copyright fit the network age, we should legalize the noncommercial copying and sharing of all published works, and prohibit DRM. But until we win this battle, you must protect yourself: don't buy any products with DRM unless you personally have the means to break the DRM and make copies.

(emphasis mine)

So, for example, given that we can bypass Apple FairPlay, both in legal (burn and rip) and illegal ways, its ok to buy their stuff? I was surprised by the "unless" twist on the last phrase, really. I did not expect this from Stallman. I didn't expect to agree with him at all, but on this last phrase, we are soul mates.