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Wide-Finder and Perl

The Wide-Finder project has been a lot of fun. For those who think that it is not a real-world problem I'll leave you with a quote from the Wide-Finder results page:

Worth Doing · There is a steady drumbeat of commentary along the lines of “WTF? This is a trivial I/O-bound hack you could do on the command line, ridiculously inappropriate for investigating issues of parallelism.” To which I say “Horseshit”. It’s an extremely mainstream, boring, unglamorous file-processing batch job. There’s not the slightest whiff of IT Architecture or Social Networking or Service-Orientation about it. Well, that’s how lots of life is. And the Ruby version runs faster on my Mac laptop than on the mighty T5120. The T5120 is what most of the world’s future computers are going to look like! Houston, we have a problem, and the Wide Finder is a useful lens to examine it.

Anyway, last night I noticed that the top spot is now a Perl program by Sean O'Rourke. Its an extremely simple program, about 60 lines long. Worth a quick read.

Congrats Sean!