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You remember when Google started using the "beta" moniker with several of their sites? It started with the main search engine. And it started the Beta trend that still lives on today.

Today Google started a new trend but forgot to place the same style moniker in the logo: vapor.

You see, the promise of "write once, run anywhere" has been made several times, and it seems that it get shoot down due to politics. Its not that its impossible to do it, its just that it makes companies that are competing with each other commodities, and that makes it hard for them to innovate or standout.

I do wish success to the Open Handset Alliance, if not for anything else, because I think Apple needs competition to the iPhone, to make it even better.

We'll have to wait until the 12th to see the SDK, but the first thing I'll look for is a test suite that I can run on my "new" Android-compatible handset to see if he really is compatible. The way I look at it, if this standard environment doesn't have a full open and available test suite that the devices are required to pass before having permission to be called Android-compatible, then this is nothing more than a joke.