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The number I took away from the Apple Fourth Quarter Results is 400k.

The Q3 ending in July had been the best quarter ever with 1.7M Macs sold. This quarter, even with a new version of Mac OS X pre-announced for October, Apple was able to sell 400.000 units more to 2.1M Macs. And most of those will now give an extra $100 to upgrade to Leopard.

That's the amazing part. The extra $17 per share in the last 24 hours (10%), ant the fact that in the penis-size-contest (read market capitalization) Apple just streamed past Intel and IBM, those are just road-side shows.

Last but not the least, traditionally Apple has been very conservative in his guidances for the next quarter. Not so this time: Apple told analyst to expect $9.2B in revenue (for comparison, this quarter it was $6.2B). That's a 47% increase, so they expect a really big Christmas.