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Hi, my name is Pedro and I'm a Pixel Lover Anonymous. I can't get enough of them, and its ruining my life.

Latest update of my workstation display setup brings the total usable display width to 4740 pixels across.


The setup started with a Matrox DualHead2Go Digital Edition to span a single DVI output across two 20" Acer Wide LCDs (see a Flickr set with two 24" I used to test it) but the results where not that good. Besides having my mac opening the windows between the two screens (after all its only one screen to him), I got a fuzzy picture and some edge-issues: part of one screen crossing over to the other. This last problem is probably due to the extra DVI-to-VGA setup I was using, given that my LCDs where VGA and not DVI, but I'm not quite sure.

So, up-to 1280x1024 dual external display, I think that the Matrox is a good solution.

But I had two 1650x1024 AS2016W... So in the end I went back to a previous setup: use the old PowerBook, attach one of the 20" to it, and use ScreenRecycler to make it appear as the third monitor in my main Macbook Pro.

So far, even with a 800Mhz PowerBook using this setup with VNC in the middle, performance is acceptable, and the image quality is perfect. You'll notice screen redraws while dragging windows, but thats not a problem for my line of work.

So if you want to expand your workspace of your Mac, and have an extra LCD and any kind of computer laying around, I would recommend ScreenRecycler.