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MySQL Community server with CentOS 5

In case I need this again. After installing the official RPMs from the MySQL site for Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 on a fully patched CentOS 5, the startup script does not work properly, failing to start the server:

[[email protected] log]# /sbin/service mysql start
Starting MySQL Couldn't find MySQL manager or server        [FAILED]

One possible solution is this patch. To apply do:

cd /etc/rc.d/init.d
patch -p0 < PATH_TO/mysql.rc.patch

And be done with it.

Also useful for DBI-related work is this. Log in to MySQL server as root and do:

grant all privileges on test.*  to 'melo'@'localhost';

Adjust melo for your local username.

This will make the installation of DBI and DBD::mysql work out of the box with cpan, testing everything in the process.