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RSI update

So after two days of tests, apparently I don't have RSI.

The symptoms where similar but as far as the doctors can see from the tests they did, the problem is in my neck. I have a strange twist in my neck, its bent in a strange direction and that causes tension to the tendons of the right arm, causing the continuos pain I feel.

In turn, that causes the rest of the arm to hurt, specially working at the computer.

So, given that I still have almost 30 years of work ahead of me, and doing something else apart from programming is something that I would like to avoid at least for some years more, I've started some treatments to see if it can be fixed.

Apart of the pills to ease the pain, and the anesthetic gels, tomorrow morning I'm starting at the local gym, with a specialized training program to strengthen my neck muscles. As far as I could tell, it will be a mix of swimming pool and some sort of machine. Also, I need to stretch my neck using something that was probably invented by the spanish inquisition.

But the coolest part is that I will have to start using a collar at work, an orthopedic collar.

So let the sex jokes begin!