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Module of the day: IPC::JobQueue

There I was cleaning up my "presentation inbox" when I came across the Scary Jifty presentation by Jesse Vincent. He's crazy, in a very sane sort of way.

Anyway in the middle of the presentation he mentions IPC::PubSub which is a nice publish/subscribe system that you can embed into your own applications.

But the prize came in the SEE ALSO section of IPC::PubSub: IPC::DirQueue. I can't remmember how many times I needed something like this. Amazing stuff.

It allows you to create a set of worker processes sharing a single job queue. Clients queue jobs, and a worker gets it. The system assures you that each job will only be processed by a single worker.

Very simple and nice.

I need to read the code and compare it to Gearman, given that IPC::DirQueue also includes a TCP-based server.