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Recently, Rui pointed me to Drobo.

The feature list and the ease of use look amazing, and the box is pretty too. Unfortunately there is no NAS version (yet?).

One of the features is the seamless storage expansion. Just add disks, and the box takes care of the rest (all that RAID non-sense).

The best NAS product that does the same thing that I could find is the ReadyNAS NV+ (Anandtech review). They have something called X-RAID that does basically the same thing as Drobo, although Drobo is much smarter in terms of using all of the storage space, splitting it between protected and unprotected storage space. You can see the Drobo storage space calculator (the Drobolator!) to see what I mean.

Anyway, I would like to buy one of these. Now begins the hunt for a Portuguese reseller...