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Googla Apps for Domains

Google Apps for Domains is looking very very good. Pedro switched today, and I would to, but right now I depend on IMAP (I use offline mode a lot), and there is no support for it, even on the Premier Edition (the one I would be using myself).

I've read some comments that IMAP would have less than ideal mapping to the current tag-based approach of GMail, but for me, thats a non issue:

  • tags are folders, folders are tags;
  • if I move a message to a folder in my IMAP client, I'm tagging the message;
  • a message can exist in several folders (multiple tags).

I don't see a problem with this approach. You could think that folders inside folders might be hard, but thats just a bit of meta-data associated with tags.

The same comment said "Server-side searches can potentially use lots of server resources".... I wonder if he noticed that he was talking about Google, search and heavy loads in the same phrase... The IMAP SEARCH command can just plug into the current search for GMail. Again, I fail to see a problem with this.

We shall wait and see...