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Pixels! Pixels! Pixels!

For me, the thing that most improves my productivity is pixels available for work. I would love to be able to connect a second external monitor to my Macbook Pro.

For now, I've settled on using my old TiBook with a external monitor, and synergy, to expand my workspace to 4 screens.

I already searched for DVI or VGA ExpressCards, but so far found none. It's a recurring query I have on Google Alerts. The best and closest thing I saw was Belkin Notebook Expansion Dock, but alas, no Mac support yet. Also, reports on the Dell site (they sell this as an add-on) are not that good.

Yesterday, Rui pointed out a USB solution. Will see if that one gets Mac support. It would create the need to buy an external hub (all my ports are full right now), but that's ok.

BTW, if any of you comes across a ExpressCard/34 VGA or DVI card, please leave a comment. Thanks.