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Shove it!

Here is how Jobs says shove it! to the Nordic, French and German consumer groups that where complaining about Fairplay.

No comment from me, just providing the link. I'll watch this one from the sidelines. I couldn't care less about DRM. It's broken, it will always be and it does not prevent me from doing anything that I want to do.

BTW, at last count, I have 1311 tracks purchased from iTMS and I never ever bough a CD again since iTMS Portugal open up. I despise the waste of a CD Jewel case and leaflets more than I despise DRM. This could even be a slogan: DRM doesn't kill trees.

update: commented about a good call that MP3 doesn't kill tree either.

update 2: I was eagerly expecting Gruber view point. Good as always. Pay the man, he is worth it.