Building notes, projects, and occasional rants

What am I watching?

Not only to answer to Rui, but also so that I don't forget, these are the series I'm keeping track of, mostly via DVD's from

  • House MD;
  • Battlestar Gallactica;
  • 24;
  • The West Wing (waiting for last season, number 7): I'll miss this one;
  • CSI (Las Vegas, Miami, and NY);
  • Without a Trace;
  • Desperate House Wife's;
  • Gilmore Girls (Yes, that one);
  • (sometimes) Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Ordered in terms of my personal preferences at the moment. I might be missing

Also so that I can keep track, and remember to talk about them later, this are the latest technical books that I bought and I'm in the middle of (ordered in reverse chronological order of purchase):

  • DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model;
  • CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions;
  • Beginning Javascript with DOM Scripting and Ajax: From Novice to Professional;
  • MAC OS X Internals;
  • Building Scalable Web Sites;
  • Scalable Internet Architecture;
  • ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide;
  • Joe Celko's Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties;
  • Joe Celko's SQL for Smarties: Advanced SQL Programming;
  • What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry (this is not a technical book, but about technical people);
  • Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook;
  • UML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language;
  • Perl Best Practices;
  • Higher Order Perl;
  • Switching to VoIP;
  • Advanced Perl Programming;
  • Jabber Developers Handbook;
  • Agile Web Development with Rails.